The Stinner Summit

The Agroecosystems Management Program (AMP) will host the 10th Annual Stinner Summit at the Stratford Ecological Center in Delaware, Ohio on October 14th, 2016.

From their website: "The inspiration for the Stinner Summit is Ben Stinner‘s vision of collaboration for building relationships based on common interests, his ability to see and understand the big picture, and his passion and enthusiasm for building healthy agroecosystems and sustainable communities.

The Summit, held at a different location each year, is a highly engaging and participatory event that draws stakeholders from around Ohio (and sometimes beyond!). Attendees with diverse interests and expertise work together to develop projects that address healthy agroecosystems and sustainable communities. At the end of the day, the Ben Stinner Endowment pledges $15,000 in support of one or more projects.

Breakfast and lunch are provided for attendees, and always showcase local food and local producers. The event is free of charge and open to any who are interested, though space is limited.