Goat Cheese in Olive Oil with Mixed Herbs & Spices


Shallow jar with tight-fitting lid
Fresh goat cheese
Good-quality olive oil
Dried hot pepper
Bay leaf
Garlic clove
Fresh rosemary

Photo by Catherine Murray

Photo by Catherine Murray


Slice goat cheese into rounds, or shape into balls. Place in bottom of jar; add herbs and spices; cover with oil. Let marinate at room temperature for 24 hours, then store in the refrigerator. Use in 3–4 days. Remove from the refrigerator 1–2 hours before serving, as oil will set in refrigerator. Use the cheese as an appetizer with toasted baguette; it’s great crumbled on salads or scrambled eggs, or add it to a cheese board. Use leftover oil to sauté vegetables, or make into a salad dressing.