Our Night at The Farmers Table

by Allie Misch

Just so you know, we'll take you up on any opportunity to share a meal with local leaders like the wonderful Val from Jorgensen Farms, Snowville's fearless owner Warren, and the passionate team at Northstar. Gathering around the table with these and other good friends in our community was almost as sweet as the butternut squash pie they served us for dessert. Together we celebrated more than just Ohio farms and flavors; we celebrated the bond that brought us all to the table that night: the desire to shake the hand that feeds us. The support of events like OEFFA's "The Farmers Table" proves that we all care about something much bigger than simply eating to satisfy a hunger, because we all hunger for something more. And as the sun set and the last round of Brother's Drake mead was served, we toasted to many more meals just like this; surrounded by our loving food family.

Here's to you, Columbus. Cheers. 

The Farmers’ Table is coming to northeast Ohio this year. More details here