10 Tiny Things I Love About Columbus

Our good friend and one of our favorite photographers, Catherine Murray is fundamental to completing the beauty of every one of our issue and we wanted to find out just how much Catherine loves the little things about living local. Here are her top ten tiny things she loves about Columbus:

by Catherine Murray

1. Small Urban Farms 

Farms don’t require acres anymore. Urban Farms like Over the Fence are popping up in some of the smallest spaces, proving all you need is a little bit of dirt to grow enough food to share.

2. Itty-Bitty Restaurants 

Dirty Frank’s didn’t need to be huge to get huge. Now a popular Columbus staple with a second location, I still love going to the little place on 4th. Dirty Frank’s isn’t the only tiny restaurant. Have you seen Skillet and Basi Italia?

3. Microbreweries 

Microbreweries—well, that’s like saying tiny breweries, isn’t it? Columbus has plenty to choose from and they’re all awesome. Ohio Craft Beer has an extensive index of Ohio breweries.

4. Baby Strawberries

Big farms grow large strawberries because they’re cheaper to pick and easier to ship. The strawberries you find at Doran’s Farm are tiny. That’s how you know they’re good.

5. Little Libraries 

Driving down a neighborhood street you may spot a little structure in a yard. It might look like a dollhouse or a large mailbox. It’s actually a little library. The idea is simple. Borrow a book, return a book. It doesn’t get more neighborly than that. Residents can sign up to host at LittleFreeLibrary.org.

6. Mini Jeni’s Sample Spoons 

I’ve collected more than a few of those little ice cream spoons. I go. I sample. I order the trio. Variety is the spice of life. I bet Jeni agrees.

7. Tiny Art Galleries 

Not enough people have heard about S. Dot Gallery, a dollhouse gallery filled with tiny sized artwork. Normally this gallery lives in the home of the artist, Stephanie Rond, but she’s temporarily moved it to a large scale show at Fort Hayes High School, open to the public M-F 9-4pm through October 24th. 

8. Short Presentations 

Pecha Kucha is an open event where volunteers stand up in front of a crowd to present on a subject of their choice. The format is always the same: 20 slides for 20 seconds each. That’s 6 minutes and 40 seconds. I’d consider those tiny. 

(photo credit unknown: http://www.pechakucha.org/cities/columbus/events/50b40012f3b43bdb0b000ac6)

9. Small Batch Food Manufacturers 

Tiny artisanal food companies like Sweet Thing Gourmet, Three Kids and a Kitchen and Patisserie Lallier are getting their start in tiny spaces like home kitchens. 

10. Bite-Sized Desserts 

Some tiny desserts are hard to forget. Like Sassafras Bakery’s Elderberry Handpies, Pistacia Vera’s macarons, Mozart Café’s Marzipan Peach and, of course, the dessert Columbus is known for—buckeyes.