Sunny Meadows Flower Market

by Jake Fernberg, Photography Courtesy of Sunny Meadows Flower Farm 


Steve and Gretel Adams, and their flower farm team at Sunny Meadows Flower Farm, have been cultivating and harvesting flowers at the same urban farm for 8 years. What started as a half-acre farm has now grown to three and a half acres of tillable land on Watkins Road, just south of Columbus. Their specialty is wonderfully crafted mixed bouquets filled with local, seasonal flowers. And while Sunny Meadows used to sell nearly exclusively wholesale and create arrangements for weddings, their offerings are beginning to expand.

This spring, Sunny Meadows converted a corner of their barn into the Sunny Meadows Flower Market. It’s a self-serve market with a rustic, old-fashioned aesthetic. Steve and Gretel’s rationale for opening the market stand was that they wanted to let people “see where their flowers come from”; unlike many florists’ shops, Sunny Meadows Flower Market is mere paces away from where the flowers are cultivated. The market offerings are myriad: the farm’s renowned mixed bouquets are on display, as well as seasonal bunches and more. Beyond flowers and plants, the market also features some of farm owner Gretel’s homemade soaps, often made with ingredients from the farm. 

One of the benefits of trekking out to Sunny Meadows to visit their Flower Market is they offer more variety than your average farmers market flower stand. Steve travels every week to both the Granville and Clintonville farmers markets, but he tells me that the Flower Market has more eclectic and representative offerings—flowers like ranunculus and snapdragons are more present than at the farmers markets.

This is the first year that Sunny Meadows has been open to the public, which is another reason that this new Flower Market has found success. Steve designates Sunday as the best place to come to Sunny Meadows and walk around the grounds. The flower farm team is harvesting blooms “six days a week” except Sunday, so the farm is at its most picturesque on that day. And after seeing the more than three acres of fields and greenhouses filled with flowers, it is certainly convenient to visit the “little corner” of the barn and take home a mixed bouquet of the flowers you’ve seen around the grounds. 

The Flower Market at Sunny Meadows will run until December of this year, featuring wares that change as the seasons do, although they always have their mixed bouquets. When the stand opens in March, they’ll offer herb plants, ranunculus, anemones, and other seasonal flowers that are holdovers from winter. As we are currently in the heat of summer, the stand features the “full flush of most of the flowers” growing at the farm: sunflowers, celosia, lisianthus, zinnias, and even succulents. And as summer fades into autumn and eventually winter, the Flower Market will feature succulent planters, dried flowers from throughout the previous year as well as Christmas wreaths.

The Sunny Meadows Flower Farm is located only six miles from downtown Columbus on Watkins Road. The Flower Market will be open until December of this year, and will open again in March of 2016. When you visit make sure to bring cash or your checkbook, as the market only accepts these forms of payment. Read more about Sunny Meadows at