Edible Columbus' Biggest Fan Day

by Allie Misch

What would you do with one hundred dollars to spend living locally in Columbus? We hosted a contest to find our "biggest fan" and Morgan Howard blew us away with her entry. She kindly let us follow her around for the day to find out her favorite picks in the city as she prepared to host a housewarming party that night featuring our summer tomato recipe. After a full day of breakfast at Katalina's, shopping at North Market and sipping at The Ohio Taproom, we sat down to chat with Morgan about her love of local and toured her home to see how her lifestyle inspires her decor.

Our last surprise for Morgan was a copy of our sought-after spring 2013 issue of Edible Columbus that she lost in the move to her new apartment, which she had been wanting to frame (and did so immediately!).

Scroll through our photos then watch our video below to experience this amazing day with us. 

Morgan Howard, winner of our Biggest Fan contest, with her $100 worth of local goods. 

Morgan frames covers and photos from her favorite Edible Columbus issues. 

A photo from our piece on Green Edge Gardens, summer 2014.

Only a handful of license plates are needed to complete their wall. 

Traces of Columbus love can be found all over Morgan's apartment.

Spotted: the infamous North Market rooster. 

Framed posters in Morgan's apartment from past local events.

Destination. Donuts. Worth the wait. 

Omega Artisan Baking for some crusty bread.

Morgan shopping at Greener Grocer.

North Market's outdoor farmers market.

Beautiful bouquet courtesy of Market Blooms. 

Sampling local brews at The Ohio Taproom in Grandview. 

Filling up her growler for her housewarming party that night. 

A succulent Morgan picked up at Lazy Daze of Summer Festival in Grandview planted in a repurposed Jeni's container.

The final haul, complete with ingredients to make the recipe for Tomatoes All Dressed Up for Summer from our current issue.