Cucumber Limeade

In our summer issue we share recipes from author Mi Ae Lipe's Bounty from the Box: The CSA Farm Cookbook, an encyclopedic collection of seasonal recipes. But what steamy summer would be complete without a refreshing take on lemonade? Below, find a recipe for Agua de Pepino, or Cucumber Limeade, originally from the kitchen of Chef Gary Masterson of Fire and Ice Café, Midleton, County Cork, Ireland, as it appears in Bounty from the Box: The CSA Farm Cookbook, by Mi Ae Lipe.

If you don't own a juicer or juicing attachment you can replace the juicing step with a thorough whirl in a high-powered blender, like Vitamix, before straining for similar results. 

Agua de Pepino (Cucumber Limeade)

Makes 2 large glasses

"This is a very refreshing drink," says Mi Ae. "You can add a section of ripe pineapple as an alternative to using so much sugar."


4 cucumbers, cut into chunks

2 apples, cored

3 to 4 mint sprigs

Juice of 2 to 3 limes

Sugar (about 3 tablespoons is enough unless you like it sweeter)


Mint sprigs, for garnish

Cucumber slices, for garnish


Put the cucumber, apples and mint through a juicer. Add the remaining ingredients, and blend well. Pour over ice and garnish with mint sprigs and cucumber slices.

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