Weekend Rituals

by Allie Misch

There's something romantic about weekend rituals. We all have the option to waste away the whole day watching a new season of some show on Netflix (you know, one that really isn't that good but for some reason we don't object when it automatically starts playing the next episode?). Yet we get up, prepare a simple breakfast of eggs and toast, fill a to-go cup full of our favorite roast and head out the door with a canvas bag in hand. 

Shopping at the local farmers market every weekend transforms our seemingly monotonous grocery shopping into an event worth looking forward to. Walking up to the farmer that grows our greens for the week is more than just a chore to check off our to-do list. It's connecting with them to see if their pet goat's surgery went well or how the winter is affecting their peach crop this year. It's making sure our dollar is spent on something, and someone, we believe in.  Living in Columbus, we are lucky to have so many options when it comes to shaking the hand that feeds us. 

So, when you catch the first glimpse of daylight Saturday morning, embrace your weekend ritual with a sense of opportunity. This is the time to slow down and really familiarize ourselves with something that consumes so much of our time: our food. 

And if you by chance stumble upon some beautiful blueberries, check out our weekend recipe for this shortbread tart.