Celebrate Summer 2014 with Us

by Allie Misch


How can you tell it's officially a new season?

Because by now you have already rushed out to your mailboxes or to one of our advertiser locations and held our summer issue in your hands. Though you may have already gone behind-the-scenes of the new issue via our social media, this is different. This is real life. And this is a moment we treasure.

Before you pull back the cover and dive into our stories about everything from Canal House cooks in New Jersey to food destinations worth exploring in Cincinnati, take it all in. What you hold in your hands is the life-long passion of our contributors poured into 64 pages. When we put together a magazine, we think about more than a new restaurant opening or Columbus’ “best of.” We think about you.

We ask ourselves the question: what do our readers really care about? We think about what makes our readers feel a part of something bigger. Luckily, we have found that our readers are just like us. We are all hungry for the stories and faces behind our local community. We care about what our local farmer has to say about the importance of food labels. We feel the life-changing effect that thoughtful ingredients at summer camp can have on the lives of children and their families. And we find pleasure in sourcing quality ingredients to cook a simple summer meal for the ones we love.

This is why we do what we do. And this is why we are committing to telling these stories in between quarterly publications, 52 weeks a year. We have launched this new blog, enhanced our online communications and are already sharing new content every week.

So go ahead: explore our new website, chat with us on social media or shoot us an email anytime. We are here to connect. Together we can document daily the lifestyle we have featured in every printed page so far. Come along with us on this adventure.

We're just getting started.