Great River Organics

By Colleen Leonardi, Photography by Catherine Murray

The farmers of the farmer-owned cooperative, Great River Organics, from left to right: Lisa and Ben Sippel of Sippel Family Farm; Todd and Heather Schriver of Rock Dove Farm; Ben Dilbone of Sunbeam Family Farm; Adam Welly of Wayward Seed Farm; Kristy Buskirk of Clay Hill Farm; Becky Barnes of Dangling Carrot Farm; and Tim Patrick of Toad Hill Farm

What does the future of local, organic food look like in Ohio? What will it taste like? Who are the key farmers? And what type of investors do we need to provide capital to support these farms as they work to offer more good food to the people?

Our GRO Issue examines these questions and more, highlighting the farms of the farmer-owned cooperative, Great River Organics (GRO). They are Ohio’s future in local, organic food. And they are central to a nationwide new farm movement spearheaded by smart, forward-thinking farmers joining together to take back the land and farm for the betterment of our planet, our health, and the sustainability and longevity of our national food supply. Read our summer issue as we look at multiple aspects of the local, organic food chain and how you can get involved.