Ginger Carrot Juice

Photo by ryan benyi
styling by bridget henry 

We had fun whipping up juice and cocktail recipes for spring. Our Ginger Carrot combo offers the sweetness of carrots with the kick of ginger, and mixologist Nicolene Schwartz dials it up with rye whiskey.

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Ginger Carrot Juice Serves 2 1 knob fresh ginger, about the size of your thumbnail, peeled 8–10 carrots, scrubbed and peeled, tips and tops removed Push ginger and carrots through juicer and into a serving pitcher. Enjoy immediately. —Sarah Lagrotteria

For a cocktail… In a mixing tin or large glass filled with ice, combine 1½ cups carrot ginger juice, ¾ cup rye whiskey, and ⅓cup lime juice. Stir vigorously but quickly, just enough to blend ingredients (about 5 seconds). Pour into rocks glasses and garnish with a lime wedge. —Nicolene Schwartz