Favorite Fall Day Trips

We've added some new spots to last year's list of favorite fall day trips. While foliage is peaking and fall harvests are abundant, take a a few hours or a whole day to explore somewhere new. Scroll over names for links to more information, websites, maps, etc. 

By Colleen Leonardi and Tricia Wheeler, Photography Courtesy of Carole Topalian, Troy Amber, and The Inn at Cedar Falls. Additions by Claire Hoppens.

Now in the height of autumn, it’s time for a day trip with friends or family. Central Ohio offers vastly different landscapes within a few hours’ drive in any direction. Here are some day and weekend trip recommendations from our staff at Edible Columbus

Enjoy the wide breadth of Ohio scenery before the weather turns and we begin to head indoors for the holidays and Old Man winter. —Jake Fernberg


Plan a trip around an event at the Culinary Vegetable Institute at The Chef’s Garden in Milan, Ohio. On your way up stop at Malabar Farms and enjoy the history of the place. Milan is also the birthplace of Thomas Edison, so make it a fun family day trip and visit the historic downtown and the home where Edison was born. If you're up for it, stop by the Mansfield Reformatory, a majestic and only slightly spooky landmark best known as the setting of Shawshank Redemption. 


Pack a lunch and head south towards Athens to Clear Creek Metro Park. The hike is quiet and full of old forest. You feel tucked away in the woods. Keep driving south and stop in Hocking Hills at the Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls restaurant for a locally, seasonally inspired lunch. Or make it a full day and head to Athens for lunch at The Village Bakery. Then visit Companion Plants in Athens to pick up a plant or two for the home or garden and learn about what’s native to Ohio. Don't forget the Athens Farmers Market, year-round on Saturdays, which is flooded with late harvest crops, pumpkins and treats come fall.


For an overnight trip, go to Granville, Ohio and stay at the newly renovated Granville Inn. Around the corner, Mai Chau serves up Vietnamese street food in a colorful, cozy environment. In the morning, there’s nothing better than venturing into Granville Farmers Market to find some breakfast and survey the wares and then either continuing on towards Mt. Vernon, Amish Country, or heading home.

Amish Country

An absolute favorite place for an autumn trip is the Guggisberg Swiss Inn in the heart of Amish Country. The hillside inn is incredibly charming and quaint, with lovely amenities within the grounds but also provides so many opportunities to explore the beautiful landscape.  Explore a full guide to Ohio's Amish Country.